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4XEM Corp. IPCAMPOEKIT Power Over Ethernet Mod
Brand: 4XEM


Product Details:
Product Description
Power Over Ethernet (POE) integrates data and power over standard Ethernet cabling. It is a way to supply reliable, uninterrupted power to network cameras in hard to access places using Category 5 cable. Power Over Ethernet technology saves the time and cost of installing separate power cabling and AC outlets for each network camera.The POE Kit consists of an Injector that connects to an Ethernet Switch or Hub and to AC Power, and a Splitter that connects to the DC Jack and RJ-45 port of the Network Camera. A Cat-5 cable runs between the Injector and Splitter to a maximum of 100 meters. One POE Kit is required per Network Camera.

Sold Individually

Weight: 4
Width: 6.4
Height: 1.9
Length: 10.7