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Startech Rs-232 To Rs-422/485 Serial Interface Converter Adapter 1MBps
Brand: Startech
Part Number: IC485S


Product Details:
Product Description
IC485S [IC485SIS] converts RS-232 serial interfaces to RS-485/422 serial interfaces for trouble-free data transmission. This 2-in-1 converter converts RS232C to either the RS-485 or RS-422 interface, and is DCE/DTE mode selectable at the flip of a switch, making it easy to change line signals!The RS232 serial interface converter offers several convenient features including mode selection, point-to-point multidrop configuration and RS 485/422 monitor mode, and is constructed of high grade plastic for enhanced durability. The converter supports connections of up to 4000 ft, with data transfer rates of up to 1MB/sec.Suitable for a broad range of operating environments, this adapter includes an optional 9V power adapter or can draw power on its own.

1-year warranty and FREE LIFETIME technical support
2-in-1 converter! Converts RS232C to either RS-485 or RS-422 with cable length up to 4000 ft!
Supports point-to-point multidrop configuration and full or half duplex operation
Can be used to monitor RS-485/422 signal

Weight: 2
Width: 0.7
Height: 0.7
Length: 2.9