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Aten IC485AI Network Serial Adapter
Brand: Aten
Part Number: IC485AI


Product Details:
Product Description
ATENs Isolated Converter (IC485AI) is a bi-directional converter that transparently converts RS-232 signals to RS-422/RS-485 signals (and vice versa), thus permitting the creation of reliable long distance communication systems using standard computer hardware. The IC485AI provides point-to-point, multi-drop, and simplex operations over 4000 feet. Designed with built-in optocouplers for exceptional signal isolation, plus transformers for excellent power isolation, this extremely reliable isolated converter enhances the quality of the data communication. At the same time, it protects your equipment from electrical surges of up to 2000 Volts. Applications Entrance control and security management Manufacturing automation Industrial and process control systems Hospital / Laboratory / building automation

Product Type - Converter
Warranty - 3 Years Limited
- Data transimission controlled by the RTS signal
- LEDs for easy status monitoring

Weight: 1
Width: 3
Height: 1
Length: 3