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Xitel Ground Loop Isolator - Auto
Brand: Xitel
Part Number: GLI1A1


Product Details:
Product Description
The most likely cause of humming in audio equipment is due to a ground loop in your home or apartment mains power wiring. A ground loop occurs through differences in resistance in the electrical system. When you connect your computer to your stereo, a path is provided for electricity to flow from one wall socket to another as the electrical system tries to balance itself. This causes your speakers to hum. Xitel's ground loop isolator has been fully designed, built and tested to exacting standards for high fidelity audio applications. It works by breaking the earth between your computer or audio components and stereo so there's no path for current from an electrical imbalance to flow. This prevents your speakers from humming! Its a simple and effective way of eliminating ground loop issues without having to resort to an electrician.

Installation - Turn the power of your computer or audio component and home stereo system off. Plug the cable end of the ground loop isolator marked stereo directly into your stereo RCA input. Plug the RCA cable running from your computer or audio component into the RCA connectors on the ground loop isolator marked input. That's all there is to it! No more ground loop hum!

Weight: 4
Width: 10
Height: 10
Length: 10