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Belkin 15ft VGA Monitor Replacement HDdb15M/HDd15M
Brand: Belkin
Part Number: F2N02815


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Product Description
The poor thing, it used to be the Shangri-La, but now it's old, decrepit, and pitiful. Maybe it's time to replace it and give your monitor a new lease on life.The Pro Series VGA Monitor Signal Replacement Cable interfaces any PC compatible computer to a VGA or SVGA monitor with HDDB15 female connectors.PRODUCT FEATURES:Gold plated copper contacts provide maximum conductivity with no data loss;Designed to support High Density VGA technology;Belkin lifetime warranty;Molded strain relief and PVC overmolding to ensure a lifetime of error-free data transmission;28-gauge stranded tinned copper for excellent signal transmission;Aluminum undermold shield helps meet FCC requirements on EMI/RFI interference;Oversized ergonomic thumbscrews enable easy installation;Ground indents provide excellent conductivity and retention with mating conductors;PVC premold encapsulates individual conductors to ensure electrical isolation and relieve stress.

15' VGA Monitor Replacment Cbl

Weight: 2
Length: 0.15