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Startech 1000MBITS RJ45 To Sc Fiberoptic Media Converter
Brand: Startech
Part Number: ET91000SC


Product Details:
Product Description
This Gigabit Ethernet to MM Fiber Media Converter creates a cost-effective Gigabit Ethernet-fiber link, transparently converting to/from 1000BaseT Ethernet signals and 1000BaseSX optical signals to extend an Ethernet network connection over a multimode fiber backbone.The converter supports a maximum multimode fiber optic cable distance of 550m (0.3 miles), providing a simple solution for connecting 1000BaseT Ethernet networks to remote locations using SC-terminated multimode fiber while delivering ideal network performance and scalability.Easy to set up and install in a matter of seconds, this durable and compact fiber media converter features a heavy-duty power supply that can withstand challenging environments, and offers 6 LED indicators to make monitoring the Ethernet/fiber network link easy.Designed to offer a durable and convenient Ethernet to fiber solution, the Gigabit Ethernet to MM Fiber Media Converter features an all-steel chassis, and can be wall-mounted for out-of-the-way installations.This versatile GbE Ethernet to MM Fiber Media Converter offers guaranteed compatibility with 3COM, Cisco, Lucent and Nortel networks and fully complies with IEEE 802.3.

Increases the distance of your existing network up to 550 m (Multi-mode)
Provides increased bandwidth and high data throughput by eliminating network bottlenecks and congestio

Weight: 1.55
Width: 7.5
Height: 3
Length: 9.5