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Startech 35' Dvi-d Single Link Display
Brand: Startech
Part Number: DVIDSMM35


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Product Description
Maximize the quality of your high-end digital video card and flat-panel digital LCD monitor with's single-link DVI-D display cables. With DVI-D technology, no digital-to-analog conversion is necessary, so the signal is delivered faster and stronger than a standard monitor cable signal. The Plug and Play-compatible, all-digital connection is also ideal for connecting laptop computer to digital projectors for crystal-clear presentations.By interfacing two digital signals directly, you'll experience faster, higher-quality images. This single-link cable works with virtually any digital, flat panel LCD monitor and allows high-speed data transmission of up to 4.95 Gbits/sec.

35' DVI-D Single Link Display

Weight: 4
Length: 0.35