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Cables To Go Impact Acoustics Hex Crimp F-Type Connector for RG59 - Antenna connector - F connector - ( RG-59 ) - anodized (pack of 50 )
Brand: Cables To Go
Part Number: HexCrimpFTypeCon


Product Details:
Product Description
These hex crimp "F" connectors are commonly used for antenna, cable television and satellite television installations. Made from anodized brass to provide years of life free from oxidation. The nut on these connectors is larger than most "F" connectors available providing more threads for better shielding and a larger surface to finger tighten the connector.

F-Type Connectors
Hex Crimp F-type Connector for RG59 - 50pk
Install satellite dishes, antennas, cable television or make your custom length cables.

Weight: 0.75
Width: 4.4
Height: 0.7
Length: 3.5