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Socket Communications CS0400-479 Bluetooth Cordless Serial Adapter
Brand: Socket
Part Number: CS0400479


Product Details:
Product Description
Socket's Cordless Serial Adapter with Bluetooth Wireless Technology eliminates your conventional RS-232 serial cable, providing an easy-to-use, invisible connection. This small adapter allows any device with a standard 9-pin serial port to communicate wirelessly. It will communicate with another Cordless Serial Adapter or any Bluetooth enabled device. Take advantage of Personal Area Networking easily and quickly.You don't need to install any drivers on the host device - just plug into the 9-pin serial port on your industrial equipment and wirelessly download the information you need to any Bluetooth enabled mobile computer (i.e., notebook, Pocket PC, Palm or Mac OS device). Reduce costs by decreasing cycle times for equipment maintenance and servicing through easier access to serial ports in difficult or dangerous-to-access areas. Do you have cabled connections you would like to replace with a cordless solution? Attach a Cordless Serial Adapter on each side and presto - your bulky cables are gone.

Sold Individually

Weight: 2
Width: 4
Height: 3
Length: 2