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Cables To Go CTG 25ft HI-RESOLUTION 4-in-1 RCA/S-VIDEO CABLE ( 29155 )
Brand: Cables To Go
Part Number: 29155


Product Details:
Product Description
The Hi-Resolution Triple RCA with S-Video cable from Cables To Go is a uniquely designed 4-in-1 cable. The cable combines composite audio and video with S-video, all in a single cable. The S-video component is constructed with dual 75ohm coaxial cable that delivers high-quality video images. The dual coax design keeps the black and white (Y) signal separate and combines the color signals into a single color signal (C). This allows for better picture quality than a composite cable. The composite video component is constructed with 75ohm coaxial cable that delivers clear, crisp images. The dual audio conductor is 90% spiral-wrapped with tinned-copper, which provides shielding against EMI and RFI interference. Ordinary "included in the box" S-video cables often use low-quality materials with inferior shielding that can result in poor picture quality. Cables To Go's Hi-Resolution Triple RCA with S-Video cable delivers all the detail, color and brightness you expect from your equipment.

Sold Individually

Weight: 4
Width: 7.4
Height: 2.5
Length: 8.6