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APC AR8442 Vertical Cable Organizer for Netshelter Vx Channel
Brand: APC
Part Number: AR8442


Product Details:
Product Description
Racks and enclosures house more equipment today than ever before. This rise in equipment densities has increased the need for organized cable management both inside and outside the rack. Poor cable management can not only lead to damaged cables or increased time to add or change out cables, but can block critical airflow or access. This can lead to inefficiencies in the performance of your equipment or even downtime. Toolless, vertical cable management accessory that allows for quick installation and takes up zero U of space within the rack. It helps to eliminate cable stress and organize the cable layout within the rear channels of the NetShelter enclosure.

Product Type - Cable Organizer
- Net Weight: 4.00 lbs. (1.82 kg)
- Maximum Height: 60.25 inches (1530 mm)
- Maximum Width: 2.12 inches (54 mm)
- Maximum depth 3.25 inches (83 mm)

Weight: 4.41
Width: 3
Height: 6
Length: 31