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BTI 19V/90W Ac Adapter with C112
Brand: BTI
Part Number: AC1990112


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Product Description
BTI has become one of the leading manufacturers of batteries and accessories for notebook computers. It offers products for many manufacturers' notebook computers and cellular phones. By maintaining strict quality standards in production, as well as in sourcing, BTI is able to provide consistent, high-capacity and durable batteries.This battery is designed for the following systems:Armada 110, Armada 1500, Armada E500, Armada E700;Armada M300, Armada M700, Armada V300, Business Notebook NX4800;Business Notebook NX7000, Business Notebook NX7010, Business Notebook NX7100, Dreambook A;Dreambook F, Dreambook T, Dreambook U, Dreambook X;Evo N100, Evo N1000C, Evo N1000V, Evo N1010V;Evo N1015V, Evo N1020V, Evo N1050V, Evo N110;Evo N150, Evo N200, Evo N400C, Evo N410C;Evo N600C, Evo N610C, Evo N800C, Evo N800V;M5000, M5105, M5305, M5309;M5310, M5312, M5313, M5405;M5410, M6805, M6807, M6809;M6811, Mobile Workstation NW8000, Pavilion DV1000, Pavilion DV4000;Pavilion DV4003AP, Pavilion DV4012AP, Pavilion DV4017AP, Pavilion DV4021EA;Pavilion DV4030CA, Pavilion DV4040CA, Pavilion DV4045EA, Pavilion DV4070EA;Pavilion ZE2000, Pavilion ZE2000T, Pavilion ZT3001US, Pavilion ZT3010US;Presario 1500, Presario 1500T, Presario 1500US, Presario 1501T;Presario 1505US, Presario 1510US, Presario 1516US, Presario 1525US;Presario 2800, Presario 2800T, Presario 2805US, Presario 900;Presario 900US, Presario 905, Presario 905US, Presario 906US;Presario 910, Presario 910US, Presario 912, Presario 912RSH;Presario 918, Presario 918RSH, Presario 920, Presario 920US;Presario M2000, Presario M2000Z, Presario X1010US, Presario X1018CL;Presario X102US, Presario X1031AP, Presario X1032AP, Presario X1033AP;Presario X1034AP, Presario X1035AP, Presario X1036AP, Presario X1037AP;Presario X1039AP, Presario X1040AP, Presario X1041AP, V2000;V4000, V4002AP, V4003AP, ZE2010AP;ZE2011AP, ZE2018AP, ZE2020CA, ZT3000.

Product #: AC1990112
Manufacturer: BTI- Battery Tech.
Manufacturer Item #: AC-1990112
UPC: 745473114532

Weight: 2
Width: 6
Height: 3
Length: 9