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IOGear GMD2025U 120 GB Video MP3 Player (Black)
Brand: IOGear
Part Number: GMD2025U120


Product Details:
Product Description
Carry your multimedia content with you everywhere with IOGear's portable media player. It stores all of your favorite standard definition pictures, movies, and music for easy playback viewing on a standard definition TV or on your HDTV. IOGear's 720p HD upscaling capability allows you to play your standard definition content at up to 720p HD resolution on your HDTV. Its compact yet high capacity design allows you to carry a multitude of entertainment wherever you go.

Portable: Carry your multimedia content with you everywhere
720p HD Upscaling: Play movies in 720p resolution on your HDTV
High Capacity: Store up to 50 Hours of DVD quality videos or up to 30,000 songs (MP3)
Organized: Stay in synch with your favorite photos, music, and movies
Easy: Built-in controls for your media (Play, Pause, Skip ,Stop, Fast Forward, Rewind, and Menu)

Weight: 1.74
Width: 3.2
Height: 5.25
Length: 0.75