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Paladin Tools Paladin CrimpALL 8000 Crimper with RJ45 Dieset ( 8030 )
Brand: Paladin Tools
Part Number: 8030


Product Details:
Product Description
The new 8000 Series CrimpALL crimp tools have four important ergonomic features that improve user satisfaction and job comfort. An angled head prevents awkward bending of the wrist during operation. Reduced handle grip distance is comfortable for workers with both small and large hands. The higher crimp force is produced with a lower hand force so your hand doesn't get tired so quickly. No break over hand force, the effort required by most crimpers to make the last click at the end of the crimp, is required to complete the crimp.Connectool offers you CrimpAll 8000 Crimptool with RJ45 Die Set.

RJ45 dieset insert
Performs 50k crimp cycles
EZI-Change die screws

Weight: 1
Width: 5.78
Height: 1.12
Length: 13.18