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FREEDOM9 KCB Version F 1236 - Keyboard / video / mouse (KVM) cable - 6 pin PS/2, HD-15 (M) - HD-15 (M) - 6 ft
Part Number: 1236


Product Details:
Product Description
These 6-foot cables take the standard KVM connectors and combine them into one 15-pin HDDB male output cable. This reduced cable clutter on the switch and helps you organize your wiring closet. These High definition cables are used for freeView IP 800, freeView Pro C80H and freeView Pro X80H.The 3-in-1 design, plus color-coded connectors, makes this cable easy to manage. This unibody design makes them tangle-free. The VGA cable is built from premium coaxial cables, which ensure superior resolution and crisp ghost-free images. The fully shielded unibody KVM Cables ensures you maintain excellent signal integrity and video quality at all offered lengths. Single jacket, unibody molding not only shields your cables from EMI/RFI interference, it also cleanly connects your KVM to your computer, without the inherent clutter and mess you have with ordinary individual cables.

Connects components
Special outlet purchase.

Weight: 1
Width: 5
Height: 19
Length: 21