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Startech .com 10FT 4-IN-1 Black USB KEYBOARD ( 4N1USEXT10BK )
Brand: Startech
Part Number: 4N1USEXT10BK


Product Details:
Product Description
If you want to position your monitor, speakers, USB mouse, and USB keyboard away from your computer, but don't want the clutter of four extension cables, the 4N1USEXT10BK is the cable for you. has fused all four extension cables into one ten-foot cable so you don't have to worry about cable tangles or a cluttered computer area.The audio cable is made with gold-plated connectors for ultimate sound clarity. The high-quality video cable is constructed of mini-coax wire to for crystal-clear video quality.

The 4-in-1 Console Extension Cable is perfect for extending your console with USB keyboard and mouse up to 10ft away from your computer 4-in-1 console extension cable eliminates clutter caused by regular cables and improves cable management
Backed by lifetime warrant

Weight: 4
Width: 10
Height: 10
Length: 10