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Digi board Products ( 24 Inches)
Brand: Digi
Part Number: 76000129


Product Details:
Product Description
RJ-45 to DB-25 cable adapters can be purchased from Digi. These adapters consist of a Digi 10-pin RJ-45 plug connected through a two- or four-foot cable to a DTE-configured DB-25 male connector. You can use DB-25 modem cables with the adapters for longer cable runs. Because these adapters use the standard Digi 10-pin RJ-45 plug and DB-25 connector configurations, they provide full modem support (Ring Indicator and Data Carrier Detect are available only on 10-pin RJ-45 connectors).

Sold Individually

Weight: 2
Width: 6
Height: 0.3
Length: 9.5