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Startech .com 36 IN SERIAL ATA INTERNAL ( SATA36 )
Brand: Startech
Part Number: SATA36


Product Details:
Product Description
This 36in SATA (Serial ATA) Cable measures 3ft in length, providing the option to position SATA drives as needed within a computer case without having to strain the cable to make the connection. The SATA cable is compliant with Serial ATA II specifications, and features a thin, flexible design that helps to improve system airflow and routability within the computer case.

Fast and easy way to connect Serial ATA/150 hard drives to a motherboard
Thinner and more flexible Serial ATA cable is easier to connect inside the system and improves airflow
Provides a fast data transfer rate of up to 150 Mbytes/sec
Compatible with both 3.5 and 2.5 Serial ATA device

Weight: 2
Width: 5
Height: 0.3
Length: 8.75