Phone #: 800-280-8987
Brand: Startech
Part Number: DRW110CADSBK


Product Details:
Product Description
Have you ever wanted to use more than one removable SATA hard drive with your system, but don't want to waste space by installing an extra bay? A complement to the DRW110SATBK, the DRW110CADSBK is perfect for using multiple removable drives on the same system. With this removable caddy, you can swap operating systems, make high speed, high capacity backups or provide individual hard drives for multiple users. The caddy features the same protective shock absorption system as the DRW110SATBK and is constructed of durable lightweight plastic for easy portability. This caddy is Plug and Play compatible with the DRW110SATBK, making it a snap to use multiple removable drives in the same system without wasting valuable bay space.

Add an additional caddy to your existing DRW110SATBK drive drawer
Designed with a handle release mechanism for ease of use
An extra caddy can be purchased without the need to buy a whole drive drawer uni

Weight: 0.66
Width: 4.75
Height: 1.61
Length: 7.75