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Cables To Go FM Transmitter and Car Charger for iPod
Brand: Cables To Go
Part Number: 26487


Product Details:
Product Description
Stop flipping through radio stations to find something you want to listen to! The iPod Compatible FM Transmitter and Car Charger allows you to easily play and listen to your iPod's music library over your car or home stereo. The FM Transmitter plugs into the dock connector and is powered by your iPod, with no awkward cables getting in the way while you are enjoying your music. The included car charger allows you to charge your iPod while on the road as well. It plugs right into the FM transmitter so you can listen to your music while charging your iPod.

Listen to an iPod over a car or home stereo
Charge your iPod with your car¿s DC outlet (can use the FM transmitter function separately or at the same time)
Easy to use - simply plug the FM transmitter into the iPod, find a radio station on your stereo with weak/no broadcasting, and set the FM transmitter to the same station
The digital display along with a wide transmission range make it easy to choose a frequency that works best
Compatible with all iPods with a dock connector (will also work with iPhone in "airplane mode")

Weight: 2
Width: 0.5
Height: 0.5
Length: 1.75