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Digi TS DB9M Modem Adapter (4-Pack)
Brand: Digi
Part Number: 76000701


Product Details:
Product Description
Cabling your serial devices to a Digi product is now easier than ever with these new cable adapters. While many custom cabling solutions can leave you with a cable that is either too long or too short for your application, the Digi cable adapters are used with commercially available CAT 5 cable of any length. Simply plug standard CAT 5 cable into your Digi product, connect a cable adapter to the other end and plug the adapter into your device.The Digi TS DB-9M Modem Adapter is designed for DCE devices such as modems with DB-9 female ports.

Sold Individually

Weight: 0.24
Width: 7
Height: 2
Length: 9