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Cyberpower 1010HT 10-Outlet Surge Suppressor 4200 Joules 15A RJ11/Coax(3)/RJ45 EMI/RFI Right-angle
Brand: Cyberpower
Part Number: 1010HT


Product Details:
Product Description
The CyberPower 1010HT Home Theater Surge Suppressor is a high performance audio/video surge protector, offering 4200 Joules and 10 outlets of MOV protection. Exclusive Signal Scrubber is a line conditioning technology that independently filters audio/video signals and delivers a true experience for high-end audio/video enthusiasts. RJ-11 ports protect phone/fax/modem/DSL equipment; RJ-45 ports protect network-connected equipment such as computers, hubs, and routers; 3 (three) RG-6 gold-platted coax ports guard cable modems, cable TV lines, and DSS equipment. All 10 outlets are "transistor-friendly," which allow for the connection of bulky DC transformers that are found on many popular electronic devices. EMI/RFI filtering blocks electro-magnetic and radio interferences from entering your equipment, and MOV technology insures the protection off all connected electronics, and the surge suppressor itself.

10 widely spaced NEMA 5-15R outlets
4200 Joules of surge suppression
Phone, ethernet, and coaxial protection
7-foot right-angle plug
$250,000 connected equipment guarantee

Weight: 6
Width: 14.5
Height: 4
Length: 2.25