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Xantech CB18 Strip-IR Parallel Connecting Block
Brand: Xantech
Part Number: CB18

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Product Description
CB18 Strip-IR Parallel Connecting Block

Easily Connects Home-Run Wires From Multiple Infrared Receivers To The Input Terminals Of A Connecting Block, Or From Match Maker Room Volume Controls To The Output Terminals Of A Main Amplifier
High-Current Design┬┐12 Amps Max┬┐Allows Amplifiers Rated As High As 500W To Be Used With The Xancb18 1-In/8-Out Or 8-In/1-Out Capability
Nine 4-Terminal Plug-In Connectors On 4-Conductor Buss
Screw Terminals Handle Wire Sizes From 24 To 12-Gauge
Dim: 11.25-inchL X 1.25-inchH X 1.25-inchD

Weight: 0.5
Width: 2.5
Height: 2.5
Length: 12.75