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Test-Um Test Um TP350 All Cable Tester
Brand: Test-Um
Part Number: TP350


Product Details:
Product Description
Location: Testifier is supported by the most comprehensive set of wiremapping locators in the world. Up to 20 cable end locations at a time can be identified and tagged.Position: Testifier's built-in tone generator is the most flexible and function-packed tone generator you will ever use. Its configurable signal can be generated to find and fix the position on any type of cable - either exposed or hidden, in ceilings or behind walls.TestifierTM represents the best of 21st century testing technology.

Zoom Binoculars
Catv, Telephone Systems, Audio Cable, Security/Alarm Wiring & Network Cabling Can Be Attached & Tested With Multiple Input Ports & Included Adapter Cables
┬┐Large, Easy-To-Read Lcd Displays Cabling Results Using Clear, Concise Information & Ability To See All The Faults Connected With The Various Cable Types
Warns Of Voltage On Lines & Shows A Pass/Fail Message After Each Test
Built-In Tone Generator Sends A Signal Down Installed Wires So They Can Be Traced In The Walls, With The Exact Terminus Identi?Ed

Weight: 2
Width: 5.75
Height: 3
Length: 8.75