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Timex T435B MP3/CD Line-In 8-Color Clock Radio
Brand: Timex
Part Number: T435B


Product Details:
Product Description
Timex Low Profile Dual Alarm Clock Radio with Color Change LCD (Blue, Purple, Amber) with patch cord included to connect MP3 to Clock Radio

Sleek low profile design
Adjustable 8-color LCD display.
Custom calendar with year/month/day. Backlit amber-glow display with dimmer. Extra large snooze bar. "Sure Alarm" battery back-up.
Custom one-touch alarm settings for 7, 5, or 2 days. Programmable 90 minute sleep timer.
MP3/CD line-in jack with cord included allows users to listen to their favorite songs from their MP3 player or portable CD player.

Weight: 2.15
Width: 3
Height: 6
Length: 8