Phone #: 800-280-8987
First Alert Public Alert Radio with S.A.M.E
Brand: First Alert
Part Number: WX150


Product Details:
Product Description
First Alert Storm Sentry with superior reception and sensitivity. Equipped with external trigger for handicapped accessories. S.A.M.E. technology to eliminate unwanted alerting. Meets Public Alert (CEA-2009A) standard. Small footprint for placement on nightstands and dressers

Automatically alerts you to a wide variety of severe weather and civil emergencies in your area
Monitors NOAA weather band day and night, receiving a total of 79 emergency civil and severe weather messages
Utilizes S.A.M.E. to help you avoid non-local alerts, and is programmable to receive warnings for emergencies specific to your area
Easy-to-read digital LCD screen shows you time and date, and scrolls through message information during emergencies
Wall mountable, with a battery back-up for power outages, and a manufacturer's 90-day warranty

Weight: 1
Width: 8
Height: 1.75
Length: 5.5