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Cables To Go 9-OUTPUT Component Stereo Audio Da
Brand: Cables To Go
Part Number: 40398


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Product Description
Audio/Video has evolved into the medium of choice for business owners looking to gain the competitive advantage for customers. Whether it's for greeting customers at the door, displaying daily store specials in every aisle or showing the big game to a group of enthusiastic sports fans on a weekend afternoon, high-quality audio/video plays a major role in drawing people in. A poorly designed system with distortion throughout the picture and difficult to understand audio is far from impressive and can cost a business the competitive edge.

Along with a good video source, well-assembled cables and quality display devices, a good audio/video distribution system requires a high-performance distribution amplifier. Impact Acoustics' Audio/Video Distribution Amplifiers are specifically designed to deliver the high-quality video and sound that customers demand and expect. Unity gain ensures that the output signal is virtually identical to the input signal. Cable runs up to 150 feet are not a problem and multiple amplifiers can be daisy-chained together for a nearly unlimited number of display connections. These distribution amplifiers are ideal for all home theater, boardroom, nightclub, sports-bar and school applications. The uses are endless!

  • Inputs: 1 Component Video + Stereo Audio
  • Outputs: 9 Component Video + Stereo Audio
  • Supports cable runs up to 150 feet
  • Daisy-chain amplifiers for more displays
  • Unity gain ensures output level is equal to input level
  • Rack-mountable with removable rack ears
For your convenience, the following replacement parts are available for this item:
  • AC/DC Adapter - Part #98020
To order a replacement part, please call us at 1-800-506-9607.

1 Year Warranty

Weight: 6