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RCA Indoor Amplified Tv Antenna
Brand: RCA
Part Number: ANT1251


Product Details:
Product Description
RCA ANT1251 Indoor Antenna 39 silver finish dipoles;HDTV-compatible;Dual isolated & adjustable gain controls for UHF/VHF;VHF loop improves reception of channels 2-13; UHF loop improves reception of channels 14-69; Monolithic amplifiers for increased gain & improved sensitivity; 3-stage amplification ; New low-noise circuit; LED Power-On indicator; Attached 6-ft 75ohm coaxial hook-up cable with F-connector; Low insertion loss to minimize the power lost when a signal passes through the antenna; Includes AC/DC adapter ; Indoor Antenna

HDTV Compatible
Adjustable/retractable VHF dipoles extend up to 39" to improve reception of channels 2-13
Adjusting and pivoting UHF loop for improved reception of channels 14-69
Adjustable gain control
Off air reception of local channels

Weight: 3.1
Width: 11
Height: 6
Length: 7