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Premier Mounts PP-FCTA Hidden False Ceiling Tile Adapter
Brand: Premier Mounts
Part Number: PPFCTA

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Product Details:
Product Description
Designed to sit hidden above the ceiling tiles within the T-bar of a standard suspended ceiling frame, the PP-FCTA allows the installer a myriad of location possibilities for projector mounting. With over 9" of continuous movement, the plate allows for precise placement of a projector. Wingnuts allow for easy movement of the 11/2" pipe coupler for easy relocation without dragging your entire toolbox into the rafters with you. Security screw holds threaded pipe securely in place for added safety. Unique electrical knockouts accept almost any electrical box, offering electricians maximum flexibility when wiring. Adapter works with both PBC1.5 and PBM projector mounts. PP-FCTA comes with T-bar plate, 100 feet of 14ga wire, escutcheon ring, (4) eye lag bolts and (4) turnbuckles.

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Weight: 12
Width: 37.25
Height: 9.75
Length: 3.5