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Pioneer TS-SWX310 12-Inch Shallow Series Preloaded Enclosure
Brand: Pioneer
Part Number: TSSWX310

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Product Details:
Product Description
Pioneer has created the TS-SWX310 ready-to-play subwoofer enclosure pre-loaded with one 12-inch TS-SW301 subwoofer. The slim wedge-shaped box is built to the optimal specifications of the subwoofer and is perfect for applications behind the seats of many pick-up trucks, SUVs or other vehicles where space is at a premium. The enclosure is made of reinforced medium density fiberboard (MDF), wrapped in high-quality black carpet with an embroidered Pioneer logo.

Air Suspension System: In order to create a subwoofer that is three and a quarter inches deep,
3-Layer Interwoven Radial Surround: The TS-SWX310 incorporates an innovative woven cloth reinforced
M-Shaped Surround: The M-shape surround also has a lower height, and a lower fc or tuning
Angled Push Terminals: Traditional subwoofer terminals are mounted horizontally or vertically.
Fin-Shaped Basket: Traditional subwoofers push air downward. This creates a loading effect or area

Weight: 34
Width: 17.5
Height: 9.5
Length: 33.2