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Pioneer TSSW251 Shallow Mount 10 Inch 800 Watts Subwoofer
Brand: Pioneer
Part Number: TSSW251

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Product Details:
Product Description
Less than 3.5-inches deep and requires an extremely small enclosure making it the ideal subwoofer for consumers who want the added benefits of bass in their cars but are not fond of the inconvenience associated with large subwoofer enclosures.

The subwoofer is packed with additional new features including C-type shaped reinforced nodes, M-shaped three-layer fiber woven radial surround, interlaced ultra-long glass fiber reinforced IMMP cone, large magnet circuitry and 2-piece T-pole yoke all of which help produce great audio quality for this extremely shallow speaker. Because of the air suspension technology, the subwoofer requires much less than the standard 1.0 cubic foot of enclosure volume to perform at its optimal level.
BR>The rear of the subwoofer features a stamped metal fin-shape directional basket directing air movement sideways, to eliminate the loading effect when the rear of the subwoofer is installed too close to the wall of a speaker enclosure. Additional features of the subwoofer include increased input power capabilities and spring loaded input terminals.

Subwoofer Size: 10 Inches
Designed to fit into small spaces under seat, behind seat or Rear Side
800 Watts
Flat Woofer

Weight: 11.5
Width: 12.9
Height: 5.2
Length: 13.1