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ILuv I707BLK iPod FM Transmitter
Brand: ILuv
Part Number: I707BLK


Product Details:
Product Description
For years, car radios have offered programmable, pre-set buttons to help the driver keep his eyes on the road while listening to his favorite stations. Now, you can do the same thing with your iPod using this handsome FM transmitter. Plugging into the cigarette lighter and featuring an extension to bring it easily within your reach, you can play the contents of your iPod or iPod nano directly through an FM radio frequency on the car radio. Choose from an available frequency ranging between 88.1 MHz to 107.9 MHz, and program two of them into the transmitter's memory. Its white backlight LCD display helps you to see the frequency clearly. With this transmitter, you may never use your car radio again.

Digital FM transmitter with strong transmitting power
Transmit your favorite songs on your iPod to the car radio
Wide range of selectable frequencies (88.1MHz to 107.9MHz)
Capable of programming two FM frequencies into its memory
Liquid crystal display with white backlight for FM frequency display

Weight: 2
Width: 10
Height: 2.3
Length: 6.7