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IOGear 4-Port HDMI Audio/Video Splitter (GVS184)
Brand: IOGear
Part Number: GVS184


Product Details:
Product Description
IOGEAR's 4-Port HDMI audio/video splitter is used to take high definition video from a single HDMI media source and direct it to 4 separate HD TVs or displays. By using today's newest connectivity standard, HDMI v1.3b (High Definition Multimedia Interface) and being High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) compliant, the GVS184 is able to support the highest quality HD video and multi-channel audio, play all the top DVD or Blu-ray movies, and carry the best signal from source to all 4 HD TVs or displays. Providing a data rate of up to 2.25Gbps, the high bandwidth allows for the transmission of large amounts of information at a very high rate of speed.Moreover, IOGEAR's HDMI audio/video splitters have the ability to auto-downscale the display resolution to fit all displays that you have connected to the splitter. No more hassle to setup display resolution manually from your HD media source.

Compatible with TV resolution - 480i/480p/720p/1808i/1080p
Compatible with computer resolution - VGA/SVGA/XGA/SXGA/UXGA
Stream a single HD media source to 4 displays
Auto-downscale video resolution to fit all displays (for HD media sources that support auto video resolution scaling)
Zero signal loss from source to display

Weight: 2
Width: 10.38
Height: 5.88
Length: 10.5