Phone #: 800-280-8987
Brand: HAI
Part Number: RC122B


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Product Description
Two Stage heating and cooling systems (Not heat pumps) 2 stage heat, 2 stage cool Energy Efficient Control of second stage (EEC can be turned off if not desired) Automatic anticipator Use for Forced Air systems with two speed furnace, Two Speed air conditioner, Two Stage furnace and/or two stage air conditioner, electric, gas, oil or other fuel. All Thermostats Models Have: Auto changeover (will switch from heat to cool automatically) Programmable (if used stand alone, thermostat can be programmed for weekdays, Saturday and Sunday - 4 times per day) High and Low setting limits Outdoor temperature display (when connected to Omni, OmniPro or other system) Time display - time is displayed and is set automatically when connected to Omni, OmniPro or other system Filter reminder - tracks time that fan has run, indicates FILT to suggest changing filter Day/Night mode (a simple way to set preprogrammed day and night temperatures by remote control) No batteries - all memory is non-volatile Are UL and EPA Energy Star listed Celsius or Fahrenheit, 24 hour or AM/PM time format Dimensions: 5.5" W x 3.75" H x 1.1" D
Weight: 3