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Grace Digital TAPE2USB Cassette To Pc Record
Brand: Grace Digital
Part Number: GDIT2USB


Product Details:
Product Description
Record your cassette tapes directly to your PC or Mac with the TAPE2USB. Fully functional cassette deck with counter function and built-in 2.5" speaker. The volume adjustable speaker allows you to listen to your cassettes or simply monitor the music as you download it. Plug & play USB audio interface. No drivers required! Audacity software for PC and Mac included to edit recordings.

After you download your music to your PC or Mac you can listen to your songs via any media player (including iTunes or Windows media player), upload them to your iPod or even burn your music to a CD.

The TAPE2USB even includes RCA stereo connections and cable if you desire to listen to your cassettes through your home stereo system.

Records from auxiliary sources via cassette tape deck to PC
Record level indicator & record level control
CrO2 Tape play & CrO2 record buttons
Counter display & reset
Records & plays in stereo sound

Weight: 4
Width: 9.84
Height: 3.25
Length: 5.9