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Crystal Platinum Digital Coax/Composite Video Cables 10M
Brand: Crystal Platinum
Part Number: NX0110

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Product Details:

When Youre Serious About Home Theatre You Need the Highest Performance Cable
Serious home theatre isnt just about watching movies-its about experiencing them. Achieving the best possible picture and sound means using the most advanced, highest definition cable. For NXG Cable, that meant making our best even better. The main criteria was performance - to create the worlds highest quality, most advanced line of home theatre cable.

Dolby Digital and Other Surround Sound Formats Require Digital Audio Cables
Dolby Digital and DTS are ultra-high quality digital audio formats that provide incredible surround sound and superior performance. You must use a fiber optic or digital coax cable to take advantage of these exciting new technologies.

Introducing NXG Digital Coax Cable
NXG Series Digital Coaxial cable features a high-density double shield of 100% foil and copper braiding for superior rejection of interference, so the digital signal is transferred with ultimate precision. A unique structured matrix dielectric maximizes signal transfer speed while minimizing energy loss for the most accurate signal possible between your components. And, NXG 24k gold Turbine connectors maximize contact pressure at the connection for optimal signal transfer and enhanced reliability.

Choosing the Right Video Connection
If you TV doesnt have Component or S-Video, then Composite Video is the next best thing. Most TVs come with a Composite Video cable connections, but its usually the barest minimum in quality.

Introducing NXG Composite Video
NXG Composite RCA Video cable offers remarkable performance at a great value. Advanced Monster technologies ensure better performance than the cables in the box. A multi-stranded silver plated copper center conductor with a low-loss dielectric prevents signal loss an rejects video noise for the best possible picture. Heavy-duty double shielding rejects interference that causes video static and "snow," while corrosion-resistant 24k gold contact TurbineR connectors maximize signal transfer.