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CTA Digital 4-Pack Gellybean Earbuds (Black, White, Red, Blue)
Brand: CTA
Part Number: IPCEB


Product Details:
Product Description
CTA DIGITAL IPCEB 4 Pack Gellybean Earbuds. This spectrum of colorful earbuds is a break from the monotone that listeners have become accustomed to. The vibrant eye candies are 3.5mm plugs that are the ideal choice to use with all your audio players. Its super lightweight design and stereo sound technology will enhance your audio experience. It comes with extra long cord for added comfort and is also great to match the many different colors iPods and other mp3 players now come in. Compatible with any audio device that has a headphone jack, the Gellybean is a perfect conduit to stream music to your ears.

4 Pack Gellybean Earbuds
Stereo Sound Technology
Super Light Weight Design/ 3.5mm Plugs
Comes in 4 Colors, Blue Berry, Red Strawberry, Snow White, Black Licorice
5.50 Lbs (WxLxH) 1.50" x 4.25" x 1.0"

Weight: 8
Width: 1
Height: 1.5
Length: 4.25