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Surface Audiovox Surface SURF300 Cleaning Pads for Portable Devices
Brand: Surface
Part Number: SURF300


Product Details:
Product Description
SURF300 portable device reusable cleaning pads are designed to remove dust, oils and fingerprints from small screens. Always on hand because self adhesive back sticks to the device for quick screen cleaning and convenient, close storage. Eco friendly pads are washable and reusable and don't leave residue. Kit contains 3 microfiber pads with self adhesive backing.

Kit contains 3 extremely strong and absorbent microfiber pads with self adhesive backing for convenient storage and cleaning
Pads are always on hand because they stick to your device between uses
Eco friendly washable reusable pad leaves no residue and removes dust and dirt without scratching
Removes oils and fingerprints without harming protective screen coatings
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Weight: 0.01
Width: 0.01
Height: 5.3
Length: 3.45