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Parrot MKI9100 Bluetooth Car Kit With Streaming Music
Brand: Parrot
Part Number: MKI9100

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Parrot's MKi9100 Bluetooth car kit combines easy hands-free operation of your compatible phone with control over many portable music sources, including the iPod® and iPhone™. You'll see information about incoming calls displayed on its screen, and you'll be able to carry on conversations directly through your car stereo. This kit works with nearly all Bluetooth cell phones on the market and it's compatible with most car stereo systems.

The kit contains three components: a mute box that installs beneath the dashboard, a remote control keypad, and an OLED display panel. The mute box connects to your stereo system through a wiring kit harness and to the display panel with a single wire. The MKi9100 connects to your Bluetooth phone automatically once you start your car, and it can handle up to five Bluetooth devices at once.

Easy operation
With many phones, the voice-recognition software remembers up to 150 names from your address book for dialing, so you can dial by speaking. Using built-in text-to-speech technology, the MKi9100 can announce the names of your contacts, so you can browse through your phonebook or check out who's calling without taking your eyes off the road.

Visual convenience and security
The MKi9100's high-contrast screen displays phone numbers, caller names, and music information. The MKi9100 mutes your car stereo when a call comes in, ensuring clear sound over your car's speakers. Two built-in microphones reduce noise and interference so you can hear the conversation clearly. You can talk in a normal tone — no need to shout, even in heavy traffic. The compact display panel detaches from its mounting base, so you can keep the kit out of the hands of thieves.

User-friendly controls
The MKi9100 will guide you through dialing, accessing your phonebook, voicemail, and other phone functions while you concentrate on driving. You can use the keypad's scroll-knob to control the volume and browse menus, or to rewind, fast-forward, or jump to another song.

Access and control your music
The kit also features several connections for your portable music devices. The USB input works with newer iPods or other MP3 players. Simply connect your player and leave it in the glove compartment — you can control all the action from the keypad. You'll also find an auxiliary input to connect audio from other music sources.

You can use the MKi9100 to control the musical output of your factory stereo system. The MKi9100's built-in amplifier helps reproduce all your music and conversations with added clarity and fidelity. If you're running an amplified or aftermarket system, you can bypass this feature to enjoy the juiced-up sound you've already got.

Note: Compatibility of this device may vary, depending on your phone and service provider.


  • hands-free phone calls and streaming MP3 music with most factory or aftermarket car stereo systems (may require vehicle-specific adapters for plug-in connection)
  • automatically mutes your car stereo for phone calls
  • works with up to 5 Bluetooth phones
  • voice-recognition software stores up to 150 names for hands-free dialing (only works with certain phones)
  • voice-synthesis (text-to-speech) technology announces contact names
  • noise reduction and echo cancellation technology for clear voice transmission