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Fender DRUMKIT2007Black Starcaster Drum Kit 2007 - Black
Brand: Fender
Part Number: DRUMKIT2007BLACK

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Drumroll please! The Fender Starcaster Drum Kit is the real thing (not a toy!), with everything the up-and-coming drummer in your house needs to get started! With sturdy hardwood shells and tough, durable heads, this professional-size kit includes a snare drum, floor tom, pair of rack toms, kick drum, high-hat cymbal and crash cymbal, plus all the stands, hardware and pedals you need - and even a drum throne, tuning key and pair of sticks. Everything you need to lay down the groove!


Hardwood drum shells with strong, resilient heads
Includes full-sized crash and hi-hat cymbals


Finish Black
Composition Multi-ply Hardwood
Diameter Rack Tom 1: 12" (30.5cm)
Rack Tom 2: 13" (33cm)
Floor Tom: 16" (40.6cm)
Snare Drum: 14" (35.6cm)
Bass Drum: 22" (55.9cm)