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Elite Screens VMAX100XWH2 100" Diagonal 16:9 Electric Projection Screen - White Case
Brand: Elite Screens
Part Number: VMAX100XWH2

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The VMAX100XWH2 is a 100” diagonal, 16:9 formatted electric screen with Max White screen material and white colored housing. The Elite Screens VMAX100XWH2 100" 16:9 Electric Screen includes an IR remote control and an RF remote control. The Elite Screens VMAX100XWH2 100" 16:9 Electric Screen has the 12v trigger function.


About HDTV Viewing Angles
The Viewing Angle of any TV is an important specification.  The wider the viewing angle, the more enjoyable your experience.  Viewing angles above 150° means you can view your TV from a reasonable range - from the front and off to the sides.  However, viewing angles above 170° are best!  Many of today's Plasma and LCD HDTVs offer viewing angles of 178°, and their images do not suffer from degradation at very high viewing angles.   LCD TVs were originally designed for a one user experience, as a computer monitor, but the technology has kept pace with the demands for ever increasing viewing angles, and most offer excellent viewing experiences.  Between LCD and Plasma; Plasma TVs have the advantage, but by a small margin.

Viewing angles are not an issue with projectors because the light source is coming from in front of the screen, and not from behind. However, the surface on which you project (screen or wall surface) may have a slight impact on viewing angles, so it is important to choose the best screen possible.

Illuminating Information About Projectors
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Projecting The Perfect Home Theater Experience!
When creating a home theater, most people overlook the amazing benefits of using a DLP or LCD Projector instead of a large screen LCD or Plasma TV. Projectors provide the ultimate experience in big screen viewing. Instead of a 40 or 50 inch TV, with far less cost, you can have a 8 or 10 foot screen, and transform your living room into a true theater experience. Additionally, projectors are available with High Definition displays for incredibly crisp rich full color cinematic images. When you sit on a sofa 6 or 8 feet away from a 10 foot screen, it almost exactly the same experience as sitting in the movie theater (without the guy talking on his cell phone behind you!) So consider the ultimate upgrade to your home theater or gaming system. Add in a great home theater sound system, and for very little money, you've created a movie watching dimension the envy of your friends and family. So before you decide on your wide screen consider the perfect solution to transforming any living room into your own cineplex!