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Escort 9500CI Custom-Installed Radar Detector
Brand: Escort
Part Number: 9500CI

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Product Details:


The PASSPORT 9500ci is the ultimate custom-installed radar and laser defense system. With blistering all-band radar protection and precise 360 degree laser "shifting" technology, speeding tickets can be a thing of the past. ESCORT continues to lead the industry by incorporating its patented GPS technology that automatically identifies the source and location of all radar signals. Real threats are processed in less than a second, while false signals are learned and eliminated. Now all you have to do is drive!


  • Ultimate in custom-installed discreet protection
  • Precise Laser Shifting Technology* - 360 degree protection
  • Blistering All-Band Radar Protection
  • Completely undetectable to all Detector Detector Scanners
  • Variable-Speed Radar Performance

  • Specifications:

  • Precise Laser Shifting Technology - 360 degree protection.
  • Blistering All-Band Radar Protection.
  • Completely undetectable to all Detector Detector Scanners.
  • Variable-Speed Radar Performance and AutoLearn Features.
  • Safety Camera Database - (pre-loaded with thousands of safety camera locations, including red light and fixed position speed cameras, located throughout North America).
  • Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 9 x 8.8 inches