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ExtenHD X-EQ HDMI Signal Equalizer
Brand: ExtenHD
Part Number: XEQ

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The eXtenHD X-EQ HDMI Signal Equalizer is a device that helps prevent signal degradation when transmitting HDMI over long cable runs. It can correct digital error and provide 8dB of input equalization to compensate for cable-transmission loss. It also eliminates noise.

Simply place the equalizer close to the display, at the end of the cable run, and the signal will be equalized and cleaned before being output to the display. This device supports PC resolutions up to UXGA/165MHz and HDTV resolutions up to 1080p.

The equalizer offers plug-and-play installation. It will also work with DVI signals through use of an adapter. This model can be powered passively through the HDMI cable, but use of the power supply is recommended for longer cable runs. Besides equalizing the signal, it can also be used to extend the length of your cable run to achieve up to 120' of transmission distance (60' from the source and 60' from the display).


HDMI Equalizer & Extender
Use this unit to equalize HDMI signals over long cable runs and also extend the transmission distance of your signals.
DVI Compatible
It will manage DVI signals with use of an adapter.
This unit will support most PC and HDTV resolutions.
Passive Power
No power supply is required since the unit can receive power passively through the HDMI cable.


(1) HDMI female port
(1) HDMI female port
1.65Gbps (Single link)
*Unit may receive power passively from HDMI cable or directly from power supply.

Power Supply
Input: 110 to 220VAC
Output: 5VDC
Dimensions (HxWxD)
1.18 x 3 x 2.83" (30 x 72 x 76mm)
0.5 lbs (0.22 kg)