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Sanyo PLV-Z3000 Projector, 1200 Lumens 1080P
Brand: Sanyo
Part Number: PLVZ3000

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Product Details:


High definition projection on a 16:9 wide screen offers authentic movie theater enjoyment at home! The PLV-Z3000 is Sanyos most advanced full-HD home theater projector.


  • 120Hz super-fast Full HD panel built-in
  • Increased smoothness in videos due to doubled frame rate from 60 frames/second to 120 frames/second using interpolation frame generation technology from built-in super-fast image processing LSI
  • Reduction of afterimage effects through dynamic predictive frame interpolation technology
  • Accurately projects contents in originally in 24p with industry’s first 5:5 pull-down mode
  • Compatible with various television digital broadcasting, allowing the feeling and enjoyment of the movie theater for everyday broadcast programming
  • New optical engine with additional optical compensating plate minimizes polarized light leakage, increasing contrast ratio
  • Equipped with new variable iris featuring a lamp-light volume controlling mechanism that can control lens iris adjustment every 1/60th of a second
  • Lens designed to permit fast acting lens adjustment, adjusting to optimal levels automatically
  • Deeper, more dynamic black color reproduction is made possible with new lens
  • Iris noise has been reduced for more enjoyment of silent or quiet scenes
  • Rapidly adjusting iris automatically controls the amount of light at 1/60th of a second adjusting scene by scene
  • Dynamic video expression rich with contrast allows deep, rich black color reproduction
  • Iris noise level largely reduced
  • Large aperture, whisper-quiet yet efficient Sirocco cooling fan
  • Fan keeps projector cool and runs quietly, at only 19-decibels
  • Movie-watchers lose themselves in the movie with the lack of real-world noise
  • Equipped to lens-shift vertically equivalent to 3 screens, and horizontally equivalent to 2 screens.
  • Built-in 2x zoom means that from close or far, large screen projection is possible.
  • Electronic shutter protects lens from dust when not in use.