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Fender PD250W Deluxe Portable Passport PA System in White
Brand: Fender
Part Number: PD250W

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Product Details:


The Fender Passport Deluxe has remarkable sound quality - more like a home theatre than a PA system - delivering high fidelity audio with wide horizontal projection, remarkable clarity and truly impressive imaging.

The Fender Passport Deluxe weighs just 55 lbs., provides 250 watts of power, six inputs (4 mic/line; 2 mono/stereo) and includes 2 microphones with all the clips, cables and carrying pouches.

Fender is proud to introduce the next generation of portable sound systems: the Passport Deluxe 150 and 250. At the core of the Deluxe series is a highly evolved loudspeaker design the Deluxe Speaker Array (DSA). Fender co-developed the proprietary speaker component and enclosure designs with one of the most prominent and innovative loudspeaker technology companies in the world.

The sound of the Deluxe series is remarkable. It sounds more like a home theatre than a PA system. Our proprietary design delivers high fidelity audio with wide horizontal projection, remarkable clarity and truly impressive imaging characteristics not typically found in a traditional PA cabinet. The advancements in the sound performance of the deluxe speaker design are realized while maintaining the high gain before feedback characteristics that make Passport systems the choice of tens of thousands of users worldwide. If you are serious about the sound of your performance, you owe it to yourself to use one.

Fender's innovative Passport Sound System is the definition of a truly portable PA system. Designed with simplicity, flexibility, versatility, reliability, ease-of-use, and efficiency in mind, each Passport system is ideal for working musicians, acoustic groups, club and lounge performers, school and day-care teachers, coaches, auctioneers, religious organizations, aerobics and fitness instructors, corporate educational presenters -- anyone or any application that requires a portable audio sound system that sets up easily and quickly (in under 5 minutes!). The truly remarkable aspect of the Passport Audio System design is that for all its high-tech technology, you don't have to be a sound engineer to get professional quality sound.


  • Docking Connector for Passport Wireless Receiver.
  • Innovative Deluxe Speaker Array Design for Superior Sound in any Application
  • Extraordinary Feedback Rejection Allows the Speakers to be Placed Behind the User, Eliminating the Need for Separate Monitor Speakers.
  • 35mm (1 3/8") Stand Adapters are Provided.
  • Two Professional Cardioid Low Impedance Dynamic Microphones, Two 18' Microphone Cables, Two 20' Speaker Cables and a Detachable Power Cable Are Provided and Can Be Stored in the Mic / Cable Storage Compartment with Latching Lid.
  • V.I.P. (Vocal Input Priority) Music is Automatically Lowered When Someone Speaks Into the Microphone.
  • Unique "One-Touch" Controls.
  • Sophisticated "EQ Contour" Control.

  • Specifications:

  • 55 lbs.
  • Six input mixer: Four mic/line, Two mono/stereo
  • Operates on AC or DC power
  • 250 watts (125 per channel) stereo, with digital reverb
  • Proprietary DSA speaker design featuring four custom speaker drivers per cabinet
  • Two P-51 microphones (with mic clips, cables and individual carrying pouches)
    • 250 Watts Stereo, 125 Watts Continous Power Per Channel.
    • Two Speaker Cabinets with two 6-1/2" Full Range Drivers and 2 Full Range Tweeters.
    • Eight Inputs (4 Mic/Line, 2 Stereo) Plus Auxiliary Send and Return
    • Mic/Line Inputs are Balanced XLR, Plus Either Balanced or Unbalanced 1/4" TRS. Stereo AUX Return is 1/4" TRS
    • Digital Reverb Provided with EFX / AUX Send on Each Channel. EFX Return to Main Control Provided with Remote Bypass
    • Single Switch Configures for Stereo (Right / Left) or (Main / Monitor) Use. Master Level Controls Provided for Each Power Amplifier.
    • Pan Controls Provided for Mic / Line Channels; Balanced Controls Provided for Stereo Input Channels.
    • Overall System EQ (For Room Conditions) and Individual Channel EQ Provided.
    • Tape Out Jacks and Reverb Footswitch Jack Provided.
    • System Can Be Operated from a 12 Volt DC Application with Optional Fender DC-DC Adapter.
    • Exclusive V.I.P. (Vocal Input Priority) Control Provides Automatic Priority of Channel 1. Perfect for Voice Over Announcements, and a Systems Operator is Not Required.
    • Switching Power Supply Can Deliver Rated Performance from the Low Power Line Voltages Often Encountered.
    • Switchable Line Voltage for International Use.