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Fender P10WEUHF Passport Wireless Executive System
Brand: Fender
Part Number: P10WEUHF

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The Fender Passport P-10WE System is a completely wireless, battery-powered, self-contained portable PA Sound system that comes with a built-in wireless Receiver and hand-held wireless cardioid electret condenser microphone, a belt-pack transmitter, a lavaliere microphone, a Headset microphone, battery, re-charger and shoulder strap. The P-10WE can be mounted on standard microphone stand. The included microphone and transmitter is a high quality handheld microphone combined in a compact and lightweight package. The microphone element is a professional, electret-condenser type with very low handling noise, excellent Frequency response and cardioid pattern characteristics. The handheld microphone uses a 9v battery in the lower battery housing. The Belt Pack transmitter has a 4-pin Input connector for use with the interchangeable microphones and instrument cable. The microphone and instrument cables have a miniature jack plug. These have threaded collars to assure secure attachment to the transmitter. The lavaliere microphone is very effective and relatively invisible. The microphone element is an electret-condenser type. This microphone is essentially of the same type as the lavaliere microphone. The FenderŪ headset system can be worn securely and comfortably even when used by physically active performers or instructors. It is designed to go underneath and around the hairline at the back of the neck and fix lightly but securely to the ears of the user. The neckband is adjustable for size and fit. The pivot arm tension and length can be adjusted.


  • Includes High-impact Plastic Case, One Wireless, Electret condenser Microphone/transmitter, One Wireless Headset microphone, One Wireless Lavaliere microphone, One wireless Handheld microphone/transmitter, 1 Belt-pack Wireless Transmitter, AC to DC Power Adapter, Microphone Stand Adapter, and Accessory bag
  • 5" full-range, 4-ohms Speaker type
  • 12dBmV Sensitivity at more than Signal to Noise Ratio
  • Power Output: 27 Watts (RMS) Mono
  • Built-in wireless receiver, 1/4" microphone, 1/8" line Audio Input
  • Line Out Jack allows you to Send the Audio Signal to an External Amp, Mixer or Recording Device
  • Intelligent charger 90-260VAC input Power Supply
  • Built-in, 12v/2.7amp Hour Rechargeable Gel Cell Battery with Up to 8 Hours of Play Life
  • Dimensions: 7.0" x 6.3" x 11.2" (178x160x285cm)
  • Weight: 6.5 pounds (2.95 kg)