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Barco R9010610 NH-12 Network-centric, 1080p HD, Three-chip DLP Projector, 12,000 lumens light output at a 2000:1 contrast ratio, Resolution Full 1080p HD
Brand: Barco
Part Number: R9010610

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Product Details:


Barco’s NH-12 is the world’s only 1080p HD presentation projector with Windows desktop integration capabilities. With its flexible multi-channel options and its extra bright light output, it is an excellent companion for any large venue.

Supreme color quality and system integration
The NH-12 boasts the right color, brightness and contrast qualities to guarantee an optimal widescreen picture quality for auditoriums or large meeting- and boardrooms. Its multi-channel features also guarantee one seamless image without color or brightness differences when it is used in multiples to power larger screens, or if you want a perfect, multi-megapixel image to wow your audience.

Enhanced collaboration through simplified ease of use
Barco’s NH-12 gives you the options to project all local, connected or networked sources simultaneously across a widescreen Windows desktop. With mouse and keyboard, these source windows can be moved, resized or made to overlap easily, and through the Start Menu, you can quickly access both sources and layouts. This means that with the NH-12, you can get to work immediately, without delay, without fuss.

Extended durability through advanced system design
The NH-12 has been specially designed with durability in mind. While its sealed optical engine prevents environmental contamination of its image quality, its liquid cooling also helps to reduce noise levels to a minimum. This helps resulting in the fact that Barco’s NH-12 can claim a lifetime that is 60% longer than that of typical three-chip DLP projectors.


  • 12,000 lumens light output at a 2000:1 contrast ratio

  • Full 1080p HD resolution

  • Liquid-cooled, sealed optical engine

  • Windows desktop integration

  • Simultaneous display of all local and networked sources

  • Easy source and layout selection through the Start Menu

  • Mouse and keyboard control

  • Remote diagnostics and centralized maintenance


    Light Output 12,000 center lumens (+/- 10%)
    Contrast ratio 2,000:1
    Resolution Full 1080p HD
    Chip Type Three-chip DLP
    Lamp 2kW xenon
    Lamp lifetime (typical) 750h warranted, max. 1000h
    Weight 70kg (154.2lbs) net / 85kg (187.4lbs) shipping weight
    Lens range Horizontal shift up to +/- 65%
    Vertical shift up to +/- 100%
    Standard inputs 1x 5-BNC (RGBHV, RGBS or RGBsB)
    1x composite video (BNC)
    1x S-video (4-pin mini DIN)
    1x DVI
    1x VGA (D15)
    Optional Inputs SD/HD-SDI output
    Communication Port RS-232 (on D9)
    IR or wired remote
    10/100 Mb/s Ethernet (on RJ45)
    Video PAL, SECAM and NTSC signals
    Composite, S-video, component or RGB formats
    All current HDTV standards (720i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p)
    Data All computer graphics formats up to QXGA at 75Hz
    Analog sources with a pixel clock of up to 270MHz
    DVI sources with a pixel clock of up to 165MHz
    Safety ETL60950 and EN60950
    CE compliant
    CCC compliant
    AC power 200 - 240 VAC / 50-60Hz
    Max Power Consumption 2,800 Watt / 9,560 BTU
    Special Features Source and PiP operation through Windows OS
    Keystone and linearity correction
    Optional full geometry correction
    Sealed, liquid-cooled engine
    Desktop output including external source windows on DVI-D