Panasonic PTST10U

PT-ST10U XGA Short Throw LCD Projector With 2800 Lumens, RJ-45 Network Capable, Built-In Speaker, Direct Power Off, Easy Lamp Replacement & Keystone Correction

Quick Specs:
Brand: Panasonic
Technical Details
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Brightness: 2800 lumens
Contrast Ratio: 500:1
Native Resolution: 1024 x 768

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Panasonic PTST10U

Panasonic PT-ST10U XGA Short Throw LCD Projector With 2800 Lumens, RJ-45 Network Capable, Built-In Speaker, Direct Power Off, Easy Lamp Replacement & Keystone Correction
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Condition: Brand New Factory Sealed With 1 Year USA Warranty
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The Panasonic PT-ST10U XGA Short Throw LCD Projector has quality core specs and a huge amount of professional features at a reasonable price.


2,800 lumens of brightness and a crisp contrast ratio of 500:1 are enough to meet most ambient light challenges, rendering sharp XGA (1,024 x 768) detail on screens up to 9.1' (2.79 m) measured diagonally. What makes this projector unique however, is that it can do it from only 3.74' (1.14 m) away. That means you can position the projector in the front of the room on a simple surface without the interference with the light beam by audience members, which is so common with longer-throw units. The PT-ST10U can also be ceiling-mounted over the projection screen allowing the presenter and audience members to move about freely.

The PT-ST10U weighs just under 7 lb making it an ideal utility player in large firms or educational institutions where varied classes or ad hoc meetings are held. It's also small enough to travel. And there's no limit to where it can go. The Multi-voltage power supply backed with PAL, NTSC and SECAM signal support and a multi-language on-screen display means that you can use the PT-ST10U about anywhere in the world where there's electricity.

But whether you're traveling or staying at home the PT-ST10U has a myriad of easy-setup functions that make it your go-to and on-call choice. Speed Start fires up the image immediately when turned on, and then Real-Time Keystone Correction takes over, automatically squaring up your image for a professional-looking presentation. The ambient light Sensor in Daylight View then adjusts the picture for optimal performance.

Don't have a projection screen in class No problem. The handy Whiteboard mode is a favorite of educators. Index Window is an attention-getting feature that allows you to split the screen in two and display a frozen image on one side and a moving image in the other. Is there any better way to display before and after as well as illustrating a process and its result The presentation options are limitless.

The PT-ST10U's wide connectivity includes component, composite and S-video as well as a variable audio output for an external speaker. The RJ-45 connection allows easy control of the PT-ST10U over a network. In fact, you can control multiple Panasonic projectors from a PC with the included Multi Projector Monitoring and Control Software.

Finally, the combination of a proprietary lamp drive system coupled with advanced filtering technology makes it possible for the lamp to last up to 5,000 hours before replacement.

Price, short throw performance and an operating system that allows you to continue saving money after the initial purchase make the Panasonic PT-ST10U an ideal choice.


Lamp Drive System: 5,000 Hour Life
Panasonic employs a number of advanced technologies, including a proprietary lamp drive system, that helps maintain lamp performance. This has resulted in a 5,000-hour lamp replacement cycle. It helps save on operating cost by providing longer usage between lamp replacements.

Intelligent Power Management Function
Momentary power outages or voltage drops can cause the projector to shut down, interrupting the projection. The PT-ST10U, equipped with the Intelligent Power Management function controls the power supply to cope with power fluctuations, to enable continued projection.

Daylight View Basic Function
Panasonic's Daylight View Basic technology achieves sharp, easy-to-see images by clearly reproducing the details in dark image areas, which were previously difficult to see in brightly lit rooms. A built-in sensor measures the ambient light, and the Daylight View Basic function adjusts the halftone color and brightness level according to the surrounding illumination.

Quiet 29dBOperation
The noise level is as low as 29dB. This helps your audience to keep their attention on the discussion or on the screen images during quiet scenes.

Use a Whiteboard to Project Images
Projecting onto a whiteboard normally causes viewers to experience glare. However, the Panasonic Whiteboard mode reduces glare while also properly reproducing images.

Low Standby Power Consumption of 0.4W
The ecological design of the PT-ST10U greatly reduces its environmental impact. In Eco Standby mode, power consumption is only 0.4W. As examples of other environmental design features, the uncoated cabinet uses no halogenated flame retardants, the lens uses lead-free glass, and an Auto Off Timer switches the projector to Standby mode when no input signal is received for a preset time. The PT-ST10U also complies with the standards of the RoHS Directive.

Easy Remote Monitoring and Control
A Web browser on a computer connected through a wired LAN system lets you remotely operate projectors and check their status. An e-mail messaging function can also notify you when a lamp needs replacement and indicate the overall projector status. In addition, Multi Projector Monitoring and Control Software is included for monitoring and controlling multiple Panasonic projectors from a single PC. The wired LAN terminal is compatible with PJLink (Class1), an open protocol that is used by many manufacturers, to enable integrated control of systems that contain different brands of projectors.

Easy Operation
Setup is fast and easy thanks to features like Speed Start, which brings up the image quickly.

Various Interfaces Allow Use with a Wide Range of Systems
Various interfaces: Interfaces include two computer (RGB) inputs, a wired LAN terminal, and a serial (RS-232C) terminal for external control. The serial terminal has an Emulate function that lets you continue using existing control systems when replacing a previous Panasonic model. It is also possible to output audio during Standby mode. This is convenient when connecting an external audio system through the projector.

Top-panel Lamp Replacement
The lamp can be accessed through the top panel for easy replacement, and the air filter can be removed and installed through the side panel. This eliminates the need to detach the projector from its ceiling bracket and greatly simplifies maintenance. The air filter uses a Micro Cut Filter, which is an electrostatic filter that employs an ion effect to attract and trap dust particles with high efficiency.

Optional Highly Durable Filter for Use in Dusty Areas
The highly durable, external ET-KFB2 filter mounts to the PT-ST10U projector to boost dust and particle collection. This optional filter is recommended if the projector is to be installed in a dusty area.

A Variety of Functions Provide Easy Setup
-With Real-Time Keystone Correction, the projector automatically senses if you adjust its angle (in the vertical direction) during operation and instantly makes whatever keystone correction is necessary for optimal viewing.
-Auto Signal Search automatically detects what kind of source is connected and begins projection.
-On-screen Help Display: If images cannot be projected when a PC is connected by a VGA cable, this function displays the output setting method for the PC. The Help screen guides you through the button operations according to the maker of the connected PC.
-Input Guidance Function: This function displays on-screen illustrations to show the selected channel and whether the input signal is being received or not. It lets you confirm the input conditions at a glance, even when multiple devices are connected to the input terminals.
-Whiteboard mode is convenient when projecting in rooms that don't have a screen.

Effective Theft Prevention with the Startup Logo
You can change the default Panasonic start up logo to any logo you want. A new logo can be easily uploaded by connecting a computer to the PT-ST10U through the LAN or serial connection by using the Logo Transfer Software. An abundance of other security measures are also included, such as a security anchor, a user password, a control panel lock, and text superimposing.

Direct Power Off Function
The Direct Power Off function keeps the cooling fan turned on even when you turn off the room's main power right after use. Electric power stored inside the unit is used to operate the cooling fan to lower the internal temperature.

Other Features
-Index Window: You can split the screen into two windows, right and left, and display a frozen (still) image in one and a real-time action image in the other.
-Digital Zoom: Expands selected parts of the display up to three times their original size.
-Freeze Function: This function lets you display still images by freezing a motion image.
-AV mute: Temporarily turns off both the image and the sound.
-Background Color: When there is no signal from the source device, a solid background color (settable to either blue or black) is displayed on the screen to help prevent connection errors.
-A compact, easy-to-use wireless remote control.
-Selectable 17-language on-screen menu.

Eco Features
-No halogenated flame retardants are used in the cabinet.
-Non-coated cabinet for easy recycling.
-Daylight View Basic function makes the screen seem brighter without increasing power consumption.
-Lead-free glass is used for the lens.
-Low Standby power consumption of 0.4W.
-An Auto Off Timer switches the projector to Standby mode when no input signal is received for a preset time.


Hard Disk Space 100 - 240V AC
50 / 60 Hz
Power Consumption 300W (0.4W in eco standby mode. 15W in normal standby mode. 18 W in normal standby mode when set to audio monitor out and with fan stopped.)
Optical System Dichroic mirror separation / prism synthesis system
Display 0.63' (16 mm) diagonal
4:3 aspect ratio
Transparent LCD panel (x3 R / G /B)
Active matrix drive
Pixels 786
432 pixels (1
024 x 768) x3 panels
Lens Fixed
manual focus
F 1.80
f 6.74 mm
Lamp 220 W UHM lamp
Screen Size 60 - 110" (1.52 - 2.79 m) (4:3 aspect ratio)
Color Full color (16,777,216 colors)
Brightness 2800 lumens
Center To Center Uniformity: 85%
Contrast 500:1 (full on / full off)
Native Resolution 1024 x 768
Scanning Frequency RGB
Horizontal: 15-91 kHz
Vertical: 50-85 Hz
YPbPr / YCbCr
480i (525i): fH 15.75 kHz; fV 60 Hz
480p (525p): fH 31.50 kHz; fV 60 Hz
720p (750p): fH 45.00 kHz; fV 60 Hz
1080i (1125i): fH 33.75 kHz; fV 60 Hz
1080p (1125p): fH 67.50 kHz; fV 60 Hz
576i (625i): fH 15.63 kHz; fV 50 Hz
576p (625p): fH 31.25 kHz; fV 50 Hz
720p (750p): fH 37.50 kHz; fV 50 Hz
1080i (1125i): fH 28.13 kHz; fV 50 Hz
1080p (1125p): fH 56.25 kHz; fV 50 Hz
Color System S-Video / Video:
PAL60: fH 15.75 kHz; fV 60 Hz
PAL-N: fH 15.63 kHz; fV 50 Hz
Image Shift Optical axis shift: 10: -0.5 (fixed)
Keystone Correction Vertical: ±10°
Installation Front / rear ceiling / desk (menu selection)
Speaker 1.06 x 0.78" (4 x 2 cm oval) x1
Terminals Computer 1 In: D-sub HD 15-pin x1 (RGB / YPBPR / YCBCR x1)
Computer 2 In: D-sub HD 15-pin x1 (RGB / YPBPR / YCBCR x1)
Video In: RCA pin x1 (Composite video x1)
S-Video In: mini DIN 4-pin x1 (S-Video x1)
Audio In: M3 x2 (L - R x2)
Variable Audio Out: M3 x1 (L - R x1)
Serial: D-sub 9-pin x1 (RS-232C)
LAN: RJ-45 x1
compatible with PJLink (class 1)
Material Molded plastic (PC + ABS)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 12.8 x 5.9 x 12.09" (307 x 69 x 210 mm)
Weight Approx. 6.83 lb (313 kg)
Environment Temperature: 32°-104°F (0 - 40°C)
Humidity: 20 - 80% (no condensation)

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