Panasonic AGHPX500555

AG-HPX500/555 DVCPRO P2 HD Memory Card Camera Recorder ( PAL/NTSC SWITCHABLE)

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Panasonic AGHPX500555

Panasonic AG-HPX500/555 DVCPRO P2 HD Memory Card Camera Recorder ( PAL/NTSC SWITCHABLE)
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Panasonic P2 which expands work flow reformation to the broadcasting station of the world. Technology of the advancement, becomes those of all image professionals. P2 memory card camera recorder AG-HPX555 follows to hand-held camera recorder AG-HVX200, the P2HD professional series 2nd feature. Image contents production of high picture quality & high quality is supported 2/3 type mounts which can use the interchangeable lens of the high performance, 50Hz/60Hz change the possible HD/SD multiple format, cinema like with picture quality and variable [huremureto] etc which makes production possible. Besides the fact that the P2 card slot it can correspond to also 4 having and HD recording in long haul, work flow reformation is brought to production with the reliable immediately characteristic IT function only of P2. Correspondence and AG-HPX555 to real HD production, and IT work flow actualize these two solutions in the high cost performance.

In image production IT revolution, P2 memory card record
In tape, also being the disk in semiconductor memory P2 card of bulk image sound file record. P2 brings IT revolution to broadcast and image production, it is A/V record technology of advancement. The mechanism less memory card recorder maintenance cost is large reduction. The reliability which is strong to also the shocking vibrating temperature variation dust, and the like is high in collection of data recording is shown. The P2 file mounts being [dejitaizu] unnecessary to IT media such as nonlinear compilation and network. Time loss of image production is reduced with the optical disk and the high-speed transfer which exceeds HDD. Already, the P2 series which was introduced by many of the advanced broadcasting station of the world, participated even in 2004 Athenian Olympics and 2006 Torino winter Olympics. With 2008 Beijing Olympics adoption is decisive as official broadcast equipment.

* The SD camera recorder HD recording is possible at straw raincoat price.
* P2 card record of advancement. It cooperates to reliable speed IT.
* 2/3 type interchangeable lens systems, for abundant broadcast it corresponds to the HD lens for business.
* To load variable [huremureto] function, speed effect possibility.
* Advanced Capability gchromatic aberration revision function (CAC *) it loads.
* Supporting recording the HD/SD format in the world.
* It corresponds to long haul recording and card exchange in 4 P2 card slots.
* Chromatic Aberration Compensation

2/3 type interchangeable lens systems
2/3 type bayonet mount interchangeable lens systems. The variation and efficiency from each company abundant line-up release is done the for broadcast 2/3 type zoom lenses for which business enabled * 1. In addition, the merit which is easy to take the image where the depth of field which answers professional image production is shallow is had.

Chromatic aberration revision function (CAC * 1)
It could revise with the lens, itself the registration error where not saying kana chromatic aberration and the like happens with main cause the camera recorder itself being similar, automatically it revised, the function which holds down the color spread of the peripheral picture to minimum it loaded * 2.
* 1: Chromatic Aberration Compensation * 2: Functioning does in only the corresponding lens.

* This picture (image) it is something which was drawn up in order to explain function. It is not something which captures actually image. In addition the effect is emphasized and differs from actual image.

Progressive 3CCD
2/3 type progressives 3CCD where high sensitivity you can obtain the light absorbent area widely * loading 3. Picture quality sensitivity cost balance is achieved well.
As for camera section usual 60p (or 50p) at high resolution & high-speed rate scanning. Now you can obtain the HD/SD image of high picture quality by designating the native progressive image where the vertical resolution which is obtained is high as the source.
* 3: Effective [ime] of this CCD - [jisaizu] is 2/3.2 types suitable.

A.P.T which bears high picture quality (Advanced Progressive Technology)
Total high picture quality is obtained with the cooperation of progressive 3CCD and high performance DSP, advanced progressive technology. First being the horizontal vertical both directions with the high accuracy sticking of CCD, pixel shift actualizes. Passing 14-bit A/D conversion from that RGB each carrier chrominance signal, 1080/60P (50P) the image signal is formed DSP of 19-bit processing (the digital signal processor) with by calculating high accuracy. After that converting to each HD/SD format, it records. With interpolation from interlace scan difficult high picture quality is actualized by designating the progressive image whose vertical resolution is high as the source.

DVCPRO HD codec of broadcast quality
P2HD has adopted the DVCPRO HD codec which is the result for broadcast as one for the movie production. Image bit rate 100Mbps (at the time of 1080/59.94i and 720/59.94p) low pressure reduction ratio, the frame inside compressed system which is suited for compilation subject and the dropout where the movement is extreme is strong, maintains high picture quality. In addition 4: 2: Because the jaggy is difficult to appear in the edge of chroma due to 2 samplings, it is suitable for also synthesis processing.

HD/SD multiple format
Supporting HD/SD image format recording of 20 types. In news collection of data program production movie production other all use, and you answer the contents production which is directed to the entire world. As for HD recording the DVCPRO HD codec, the multiple codec of DVCPRO50/DVCPRO/DV can select with SD recording.

The image format and the codec which AG-HPX555 supports
* 1: As for 24p as for 23.98p and 30p as for 29.97p, 60p and 60i it is recorded with each one 59.94p and 59.94i.
* 2: As for native mode only the effective frame it is the mode which is recorded.
* 3: Record time at the time of the respective P 216 GB card 4 use. 1 with P2 cards it becomes 1/4. In addition record time differs the image format, other than the codec with functional setting and cutting the frequency.

The 16GB~4 slot which corresponds to long haul HD recording
The new product which redoubles record capacity (the next few days sale) the 16GB P2 card appears. In addition AG-HPX555 has the continual record possible four P2 card slots, if HD (1080/60i) with the maximum of 16 minute ~4 =64 amount and SD (DVCPRO 50) the maximum of 32 minute ~4 =128 long haul recording of amount is possible.

16 bit /48kHz/4CH digital audio
Recording the high sound quality digital audio of 16 bit 48kHz incompressible is possible with all format. Furthermore microphone input (the front) the ~2 and line input (the rear) the ~2, four XLR audio input are had together, maximum of audio recording of channel 4 is possible.

Loading the variable [huremureto] function which makes speed effect possible
It was developed because of HD camera VARICAM for the cinema, loaded popular variable function even with hand-held camera recorder AG-HVX200. At the time of 720p mode *, 12P~60p (50p) it can select optional frame rate from 11 steps between, (the right description reference). The under crank which is photographing technique of the film (time-lapse photography)/the over crank (high-speed photographing) freely using, production of quick motion/slow motion is possible.
* Because 1080 and 480 24p/30p (with 50Hz mode 25p) it reaches fixed frame rate.

- Over crank photographing (setting to the frame rate which is higher than standard speed)
The slow motion which is used for action and dramatic production. For example photographing with 48fps, when it screens with the standard speed of 24fps, you can obtain the slow motion of 1/2 time speed, *. It is different from the slow playback of the VTR, being smooth, it is slow motion of high picture quality.

- Under crank photographing (setting to the frame rate which is lower than standard speed)
In production of the person and the kung fu etc which stand in emphasis and bustle of the flow of the water and the cloud. For example photographing with 12fps, when it screens with the standard speed of 24fps, you can obtain the quick motion of 2 time speed, *.
* This is when standard speed is designated as 24fps with 60Hz mode. When 30fps or 25fps of 50Hz mode is designated as standard speed, the effect result which is obtained differs respectively.

* Summary of frame rate and speed effect effect

Native mode /over 60p (50p) mode change
720p (native) mode: The mode only of P2 which is recorded with while it is frame rate of the camera. By playing back the material which was recorded at optional frame rate at normal rate without the frame rate converter the effect of speed effect can be actualized. It can guarantee also record time long.
720p over 60p (or 50p) mode: Be able to output the DVCPRO HD stream from the IEEE1394 terminal, backup recording which uses DVCPRO HD recorder AJ-HD1400 and FOCUS HDD recorder FS-100 etc is possible.

1080/48,024 p advance modes
24pA (advance) mode can choose with 1080/24p or 480/24p recording with 60Hz mode. As for 24pA mode 2: 3: 3: By converting 60i with 2 pull-down systems, general 24p (2: 3 pull-downs) the nonlinear compilation which maintains higher picture quality * is possible. 30p or 25p (50Hz mode) as for recording 2: 2 pull-down systems.
* As for 24p as for 23.98p and 30p as for 29.97p and 60p/60i it is recorded with 59.94p/59.94i.

Cinema like gamma (gamma of other 8 mode)
It builds in also the Panasonic individual selector bull gamma to DSP. The gamma curve of 8 modes such as cinema like gamma and the NEWS gamma for reporting collection of data where you can obtain film tone chooses, expands the width of image production.

AG-HPX555 gamma mode

NEWS: The for reporting collection of data which held down the white flying for image information retention.

HD NORM: The gamma setting which is suited for HD photographing.

LOW: Inclination of the brightness section is loose low. Tone and the sharp contrast which have the composure.

SD NORM: The setting of the normal for SD the DVX100 series is succeeded.

HIGH: Inclination of the brightness section is urgent low. Bright tone and soft contrast where gradation of the dark space was expanded.

B.PRESS: From LOW contrast furthermore sharply.

CINE-LIKE_D: The gamma curve for cinema like recording which is finished in image of movie feeling of the D range priority.

CINE-LIKE_V: The gamma curve for cinema like recording which is finished in image of movie feeling of contrast concern.

Slow/synchronizer/high speed shutter
Shutter speed can be chosen optionally from slow of longest 1/12 seconds to high speed to maximum of 1/2000 seconds. By the fact that it combines with variable [huremureto], you can obtain the Buller effect and the scene dropping effect. Also the synchronizer scan function which is suited for recording the monitor picture and the like has.

Scene file dial
Equipping the private dial which can call the setting which responds to photographing circumstance instantaneously. Besides the fact that you can use six pre-setting files immediately, name specification can be modified optionally. In addition retention/it can read to the SD memory card the file to 8 files.

Shooting assist function
USER button: Allotting the function whose 3 USER buttons respectively use frequency is high, being one-touch, it can execute.
- Focusing assist: Assisting the focus adjusting.
- The lens distortion revision 8 file which corresponds to the interchangeable lens (only the one for transfer failure corresponding lens) with equipping the shading compensation 4 file.
- Color temperature variable: After the white balance setting it is fine control possible.
REC review: Quickly it plays back checks the record trailer.
Equipping the optical filter of 4 position.

P2 card of bulk high-speed transfer high reliability
As for P2 card memory card for broadcasting service. By the fact that the package it does 4 SD memory cards, lightweight thin shape of mass approximately 45 grams capacity of 4 times that of the SD memory card and transfer rate of 4 times are actualized.
At the time of record playback as there is no revolution and the contact like the tape and the disk and in addition to the quality of the semiconductor memory itself which is strong in shocking vibration temperature variation, is proud of high reliability, intermittent periodic duty of record/initialization is possible over long term. In addition durability of taking out and putting in is raised with the professional use design of the connector.
As for the recording A/V data to be recorded by the P2 card, as the file every of cutting being unnecessary, nonlinear compilation and network transfer are possible. You can work lightly at the transfer rate which overwhelms the disk. In addition we are conformed to PC card standard, in the PC card slot of note PC plug in also it is possible to direct to do, *.
* The P2 card driver (attachment) installation is necessary in each equipment.
The P2 card driver operates with Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000 and with Mac OS X.

Instantaneous start and safe data protection
REC start from stand-by state is instantaneous. Because it is done automatically in the empty territory of the card, like the VTR the necessity the head to do to put out the blank part there is no recording. The REC button just is pushed instantaneously can record can start even in the preview. In addition there are no times when with normal mode the recording end data it disappears with superscription. If file elimination and initialization of the card are not done, it is relief.

Recording function of the advancement which freely used 4 card slots
P2 card slot four equipment. With this multiple card slot, not only the continual record which extends over the plural cards, advanced recording function only of the memory card recorder is actualized.
- Card selection: Selection of record slot (change) in stand-by state instantaneously. When the material which you recorded directly it turns to compilation forwarding, recording can be continued with much short discontinuance in comparison with the exchange of the tape and the disk.
- Hot swap REC: Even while recording the card you can exchange. While continuing recording in another card slot, the recording end card without discontinuance endless record is possible by the fact that consecutively you exchange with the blank card.
- Loop REC: Always past it can keep recording in fixed time by consecutively the loop recording inside the record territory which it appoints.

Other multi-function recording
- Pre- REC: Recovering the decisive instantaneous taking letting escape. The image sound which enters into the camera in stand-by state HD approximately 3 seconds, memory SD approximately 7 seconds. Going back the number of seconds which are set with REC start, it records.
- One shot REC: Whenever the start button is pushed, setting (1 frame ~1 seconds) you record the time when it does, the function which is convenient to animation production.
- Interval REC: The interval which it sets (2 frame ~10 amount) with the intermittent record mode which continues recording 1 frames. As a supervision observation or super under crank photographing in special production.

Preview of clip sum nail
Recording records the clip (the file) as in every cutting. The sum nail picture and file information belong to each clip automatically. It is possible to play back the clip which at the time of the preview with the LCD monitor is selected from summary indication of the sum nail directly, to verify the data of the clip. In addition this sum nail and file information PC (P2 Viewer * 1) or the nonlinear compilation software * are indicated even on 2.
* 1: P2 viewer is for WindowsPC which gratuitously it is downloaded is offered to the P2 user. * 2: Canopus corporation EDIUS correspondence being completed.

Shot marker and text memo
The shot marker which is convenient to the marking of OK/NG and the like is attached every clip. Of course, it can do while recording even after the recording. PC (P2 Viewer) it is possible when the mount to indicate just the clip which is marked.
It equips also text memo function. While recording or in the preview the optional place in the clip (the maximum of 100 places) with by the fact that the text memo button is pushed, attach it is the way, text memo of the sky is registered. PC (P2 Viewer) with searching memo afterwards, it can write the text.

SD memory card slot
Equipping the SD memory card slot. Saving the scene file and the user setting file/loading is possible. In addition photographing person name and reporter name, the meta data upload file which describes the information of the photographing place and text memo etc (at P2 Viewer compilation) it records to the SD memory card, it does the fact that it reads as the clip meta data.

IEEE 1394 interface
Output of IEEE1394 conformity (6 pins) from while they are all HD/SD compressed streams it can output, *. The DVCPRO HD VTR (connecting), with FOCUS such as AJ-HD1400, gFireStore h FS-100 backup recording which does not have deterioration is possible. It corresponds to also the upload to the nonlinear compilation system of Mac/PC. Also host mode has, without PC can do the P2 file copy to the hard disk.
* 720p native mode is excluded.

Nonlinear compilation partner
As for the DVCPRO HD P2 file which was recorded with AG-HPX555, the HD production by the DVCPRO HD native file making use of the nonlinear compilation system of each company becomes possible. Because it records AG-HPX555 with the completely same format as AG-HVX200, if it is the nonlinear compilation software which corresponds to AG-HVX200 it is the possibility that it operates even with AG-HPX555.

HD/SD SDI output and down converter equipment
Image line output 2 system (each BNC) standard equipment. It corresponds to flexible in the monitor and line recording. It builds in the down converter, outputting the high quality SD image which can be utilized even in forwarding. It can select also aspect mode.
SDI OUT (HD/SD): With HD-SDI output the external VTR (HD-SDI input correspondence) with backup recording which is linked with REC start/stop is possible. SD-SDI HD down converting output is possible.
VIDEO OUT: Down converting SD image (the composite) it outputs.

USB2.0 interface
The USB2.0 terminal which is suited for the interface of Windows PC standard equipment. Mounting the card slot of P2 cam, as the external device of PC it can upload the P2 file to the nonlinear compilation system and the network server.

Remote control correspondence
Remote control unit (selling separately /AJ-RC10G) correspondence *. While monitoring camera image on remote side, it can control AG-HPX555 such as adjustment and recording operation of camera image.
* Only the function to which AG-HPX555 is corresponding is control possible with AJ-RC10G. The key/the volume which is not corresponding does not operate.

TC IN/TC OUT terminal of multiple camera correspondence
The SMPTE time cord/code generator/building in the leader. TC (the time cord/code) as for in/TC OUT terminal the independent specification whose through connection is possible. It corresponds to TC synchronizer recording which uses the multiple camera.

Other system functions and option
The D-4 analog component (Y/Pb/Pr) equipping the output terminal.
Equipping the DC power source output terminal for 7.9v type LCD monitor BT-LH80W.
- The color bar (the full-color bar) with the standard aural signal (1kHz test tone) output is possible.
- Anton Bauer, IDX other multiple battery correspondence.

Polishing the operativity which it can make a foolish mistake
The actual place concern design which reflects the voice of the cameraman concerning the arrangement functional form of the switch, volume and the terminal. Operativity and reliability are raised.
- The large-sized audio level volume where lock mechanism is attached (only CH1 CH2).
- Front microphone input volume (ON/OFF CH allotment possibility).

- Collection of data recording
As for the simplest recording system just note PC and AG-HPX555. With USB 2.0 you connect with Mac with Windows, PC and IEEE 1394 mount the card slot of P2cam and preview [huairukopi] are possible. Also the mount in the PC card slot is possible.
If it uses Mobile recorder AJ-HPM100, performance of the system furthermore improvement. From the light preview which is due to operation, to play list compilation, the file writing out and playback forwarding it can handle with 1 units.
On collection of data site P2 store AJ-PCS060G is convenient. The recording end card the fact that in built-in HDD repeatedly can be used by high-speed it copies & initializes and. P2 store with USB2.0 to NLE/PC you can connect & can mount.

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