Neverwinter Nights B000B8P8RG

B000B8P8RG Kingmaker Expansion Pack

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Neverwinter Nights B000B8P8RG

Neverwinter Nights B000B8P8RG Kingmaker Expansion Pack
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Three premium expansions to your Neverwinter NightsexperienceProduct InformationRequires Neverwinter Nights Shadows of Undrentide and Hords of the Underdarkto play. (Or Neverwinter Nights Platinum installed)In Neverwinter Nights: Kingmaker in a party with a cowardly Wererat ascarred Nymph an exiled Rakshasa and a quick-tempered Azer you seem to be theonly normal one... but are you Embark on a journey to face your nemesis outsidethe embattled ramparts of the Keep of Cyan. It is a journey that will test yourloyalties and cause you to question the very bounds of life and death. Evillurks in the war-torn keep and it's up to you to unearth it. To learn the truthyou must win the throne.Product Title Included Neverwinter Nights: Kingmaker Neverwinter Nights: ShadowGuard Neverwinter Nights: Witch's WakeProduct Features More than a dozen hours of highly interactive gameplay Music and voice dialog unique to each module Alternate plot paths and non-linear storytelling extend replaybility New module-specific features including interactive henchmen a ration-based rest system and unique subraces Product OverviewNeverwinter Nights: ShadowGuardYou are the child of Okaris Magistrate f the imperial city of Ghaarak alongthe disputed northern frontier of the Sharakhan Empire. Your astonishingwork at the Imperial Academy has drawn the attention of the ShadowGuad an elitegroup for secretive Imperial agents that know no failure. Your veil ofcomfort will soon to be torn away and you will be left to solve the mystery ofwhat lies ahead.Features: A brand new module and game world created by Ben 'Altaris' McJunkin the community member responsible for developing the highly successful Lone Wolf series of Neverwinter Nights modules.


  • Choose from two of your four companions and go on multiple quests
  • Go off and kill monsters to prove yourself, or try to bribe or blackmail the guildmasters into voting for you
  • Interactive henchmen with distinct personalities, situational interjections, and the possibility of romance
  • Written and developed exclusively by BioWare writers and designers
  • Over 500 lines of new professional voice-acting


  • Subgenre: Strategy
  • 1+ Player(s)
  • Online capable
  • Platform: PC
  • ESRB Rating: Mc

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